Dental Contouring Before and After Pictures in Atlanta, GA

Many patients in Smyrna, Vinings or Atlanta, GA do not have major problems with their smiles but are nonetheless concerned about the shape of one or two individual teeth. Under the expert care of Dr. David Lofters of Smile Envy Dental Group, dental contouring can help patients such as these achieve their desired results.

What is Dental Contouring?

Dental contouring refers to the process of reshaping individual teeth to provide a more pleasing appearance. It is performed by removing very tiny amounts of tooth enamel using a special dental instrument. The procedure is very effective at reducing pointy cuspids or repairing minor chips in the teeth.

Benefits of Dental Contouring

Some of the benefits patients can enjoy from dental contouring are:

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Anesthesia is normally not needed
  • May be combined with other dental procedures such as bonding
  • Can make it easier to keep the teeth clean by reducing minor overcrowding

Dental Contouring Before and After Photographs

These before and after photographs of dental contouring patients show some of the issues that can be corrected with this procedure. Keep in mind that your own results could be very different from the ones shown here.

Even minor imperfections in your teeth can greatly affect your self-confidence. Don’t let small issues keep you from smiling. Contact Smile Envy Dental Group to find out if dental contouring is right for you. We proudly welcome patients from throughout the Atlanta, GA metro area, including those from Vinings and Smyrna.