Teeth Cleaning in Atlanta, GA

Do you dread dental appointments? Are teeth cleanings something you avoid or only do begrudgingly? Let Smile Envy Dental Group change the way you think about dental hygiene. Teeth cleaning appointments are an enjoyable, relaxed experience in which patients can learn about their dental health and appreciate the feeling of a professionally polished smile. Smile Envy Dental Group is happy to provide enjoyable dental cleaning appointments to residents of Smyrna, Vinings and the surrounding Atlanta communities.

What is a Teeth Cleaning?

A teeth cleaning refers to our in-office appointment for professionally cleaning your teeth and gums. These cleanings are done by a dental hygienist and typically involve a check-in from Dr. Fields to inspect for cavities or pinpoint the cause of any concerns you may be experiencing. Most often, Dr. Fields recommends everyone have at least two cleanings per year. In some cases, more frequent teeth cleanings will be suggested.

What Can I Expect at a Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth Cleaning, Smile Envy Dental Group, Atlanta, GATeeth cleanings are our most common procedures. Our office staff will greet you and help you complete any paperwork. Our dental hygienist will talk to you about your teeth and if you’ve had past or present concerns. Sometimes, a dental x-ray or oral cancer screening will also be performed, followed by the teeth cleaning.

The dental hygienist will clean teeth using a variety of tools and techniques to remove any tartar or plaque from the teeth. Then, the teeth will be polished to a high-shine, squeaky-clean finish. The dental hygienist will then floss your teeth and provide any additional services requested or needed, such as fluoride or sealants. Lastly, Dr. Fields will come to examine the teeth and gums, and let you know if he has any recommendations for follow-up care.

How Much Do Teeth Cleanings Cost?

The cost can vary among patients. Our office works with each patient to make financing family dentistry procedures, such as preventative teeth cleanings, a realistic option for care. Contact us today for a better understanding of the cost of a hygiene appointment for you.

Many dental insurance plans cover teeth cleaning costs for a certain number of appointments each year, but all insurance providers have unique policies. At Smile Envy Dental Group, we will review your policy and inform you of your individual costs for teeth cleaning appointment.

In order to provide affordable access, we’re proud to offer patients financing options through CareCredit®. We can determine your eligibility before your appointment, so there are no surprises when it comes to finances. We happily accept many forms of payment including credit card.

Are you ready to have a brighter, healthier smile? Teeth cleaning is an integral part of taking care of your overall health. Dr. David Fields of Smile Envy Dental Group specializes in teeth cleaning appointments for family members of all ages with a gentle touch. If you’re a resident of Smyrna, Vinings and the surrounding Atlanta communities, contact Smile Envy Dental Group today to experience a new kind of dental cleaning experience.

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