Braces for Kids in Atlanta, GA

Correcting dental issues early helps children grow up confident and healthy. The residents of Smyrna, Vinings, and the surrounding communities in Atlanta, Georgia can now come to Smile Envy Dental Group for all their dental needs.

Are Braces for Children?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends getting a dental checkup around age seven when your child still has some baby teeth, but the adult teeth have started to grow. Once adult teeth erupt, your child may need braces for straighter teeth, a more comfortable bite or to correct other issues. These types of problems are easier to correct while your child is still growing.

Benefits of Children’s Braces

Children who have crooked teeth, gaps between teeth or protruding teeth may find simple tasks such as eating and speaking difficult. They may also be teased and feel embarrassed by their appearance. Braces can provide your child with an easy solution to make eating and talking easy and more comfortable. A straighter smile will also improve your child’s confidence and reduce teasing at school.

Recovery from Braces for Kids

While getting braces will not hurt, expect soreness in the mouth and teeth for about a week. Your child will quickly adapt to the feeling of having braces. If your child experiences areas of repeated discomfort in the mouth, notify Dr. Lofters at your next appointment so he can adjust your child’s braces accordingly.

Children who get braces will also have to adjust their eating habits. Your child should not eat hard candies, chew gum or other sticky foods, and should stay away from very hard foods such as popcorn. Another tip is to cut up an apple into smaller pieces instead of trying to bite into the entire apple, as this can dislodge brackets from the teeth. Children also have to be very good about keeping the teeth clean.

How Much Do Children’s Braces Cost?

The cost of metal braces will vary based on your needs. Braces may be covered by your dental insurance. We will work with you to determine your benefits coverage and what you may owe for your treatment. Smile Envy Dental Group offers to finance through CareCredit as well as other payment options.

Are Braces Right for My Child?

If your child is suffering from difficulty eating, gaps in the teeth, protruding teeth, or other oral issues, braces may be a good option. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lofters to discuss the best option for your teen.

Why Choose Smile Envy Dental Group?

Dr. David Lofters has been helping patients smile bigger and brighter for over a decade. He has a doctorate in Dental Surgery and is certified in orthodontics. With a focus on education, our team diligently makes sure that all of your questions are answered. We stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and tools available to give our patients the best care available. Our team can handle all of your dental needs and coordinate effective, timely care. You will feel right at home in our professional, modern office.

What to Expect During Your Child’s Braces Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Lofters will discuss your goals and needs. He will answer any questions you have about braces and choose the best treatment plan for your child. He may take impressions or X-rays if needed. If you have X-rays that are less than six months old from another dentist, you can bring those with you.

Braces can be a great choice for children in Atlanta and the surrounding areas of Georgia. If your child has difficulty eating or speaking or is being teased, we encourage you to contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. David Lofters at Smile Envy Dental Group to discuss your options.

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