Dental Bridges in Atlanta, GA

Dental bridges can pave the way to a more attractive, comfortable smile that lasts a lifetime. Smile Envy Dental Group offers dental bridge procedures and comprehensive dental care to residents of Smyrna, Vinings, and the surrounding Atlanta communities.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is used to correct a gap that is caused by missing teeth. A dental bridge can replace multiple missing teeth and consists of crowns on each side of false teeth. The crowns act as “anchors” in the gum tissue while the false teeth between the crowns mimic the appearance of a natural smile. Many people don’t realize that missing teeth change our appearance in many ways, such as the jawline and cheeks. The space where you are missing teeth may also cause the other teeth to shift. A dental bridge prevents all of these unfortunate side effects of missing teeth.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Dental Bridge?

Dental Bridges, Smile Envy Dental Group, Atlanta, GAHave you stopped sharing your smile with the world because of missing teeth? Are you uncomfortable eating regular food without a full set of teeth? A dental bridge could be the practical solution for you. The procedure for a dental bridge is low-risk, and, therefore, most people with missing teeth are strong candidates.

What Can I Expect from a Dental Bridge?

The dental bridge procedure is typically done by Dr. Fields in two appointments. Sometimes a temporary bridge is used, and you should exercise caution when you have a temporary bridge. At the second appointment for a dental bridge, our dentist will permanently affix the bridge to the existing natural teeth.

After the dental bridge procedure, you may experience some minor discomfort for a few days. Dr. Fields will work with every patient to ensure a good fit and placement for the bridge for long-lasting comfort. Within days, you will be comfortably sharing your new smile to the world and feel more comfortable chewing, eating and speaking. The aftercare plan for the dental bridge procedure is simple: no additional care for your dental bridge is necessary, just routine cleaning, brushing, and hygiene appointments.

How Much Does a Dental Bridge Cost?

Dental bridges vary in cost from patient to patient. Without a prior consultation with Dr. Fields, it can be difficult to predict the exact cost. Our office works with each patient to make financing family dentistry procedures, such as bridges, a realistic option for care.

Dental insurance may cover dental bridges, but out-of-pocket costs can vary depending on insurance providers. At Smile Envy Dental Group, we will review your policy and inform you of your individual costs for dental bridges.

In order to provide affordable access, we’re proud to offer patients financing options through CareCredit®. We can determine your eligibility before your appointment, so there are no surprises when it comes to finances. We happily accept many forms of payment including credit card.

Let Smile Envy Dental Group lead you to a better smile. Serving the areas of Smyrna, Vinings and surrounding Atlanta communities, Dr. David Fields would be happy to discuss your options for dental bridges and other family dentistry procedures. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment.

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