Dental X-Rays in Atlanta, GA

X-rays are the most effective way to examine the health of your mouth. Giving us an in-depth look at the enamel and shape of the teeth, as well as the roots and gum line, x-rays can help dentists best determine the right treatment plan for each patient. Smile Envy Dental Group provides safe, effective dental x-rays to residents of Smyrna, Vinings, and the surrounding Atlanta communities.

What are Dental X-Rays?

Dental x-rays are used in our office to provide insight regarding the overall health of the mouth. X-rays provide visuals of the teeth, gums, tissue, and bone. Dr. Fields uses these x-rays for a variety of necessary reasons such as to pinpoint the cause of pain or examine the depth of a cavity. Common dental x-rays include:

  • Bitewing x-rays to examine the detail of the back of the lower and upper teeth
  • Occlusal x-rays to examine teeth that have not yet erupted on the gum line
  • Panoramic x-ray to examine an overall view of the teeth, jaw, bite, and sinuses

Dental X-ray, Smile Envy Dental Group, Atlanta, GA

Why are Dental X-Rays Necessary?

Most common during dental hygiene appointments, current dental x-ray records can help determine the best treatment options for dental problems. Dental x-rays can also be used for same-day diagnoses, such as observing the exact depth of a cavity before determining if a filling or root canal therapy is most recommended.

Dental x-rays are also extremely important at consultations for more intensive procedures. X-rays provide the necessary information, for example, to determine if an individual is a strong candidate for dental implants. Dental x-rays are the most reliable way for Dr. Fields to determine if enough bone remains to support the implants.

In addition to dental fillings and dental implants, dental x-rays are an integral part of many of the family dentistry procedures at Smile Envy Dental Group.

How Much Do Dental X-Rays Cost?

Without prior consultation with Dr. Fields, it can be difficult to predict the exact cost of individual dental x-rays. However, our office works with each patient to make financing family dentistry procedures, such as dental x-rays, a realistic option for care.

Dental insurance often covers at least a portion of the cost for dental x-rays, but all insurance providers have unique policies. At Smile Envy Dental Group, we will review your policy and inform you of your individual costs for dental x-rays at your first appointment.

In order to provide affordable access, we’re proud to offer patients financing options through CareCredit®. We can determine your eligibility before your appointment, so there are no surprises when it comes to finances. We happily accept many forms of payment including credit card.

Dental x-rays are an integral part of providing high-quality, effective dental care. Dr. David Fields of Smile Envy Dental Group uses dental x-rays to recommend dental care accordingly. If you live in Vinings, Smyrna or surrounding Atlanta communities, contact us today to learn more about dental x-rays as a necessary, safe and effective component of good dental hygiene.

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